1st Choice Bankruptcy Courses

Login or register for First Choice bankruptcy courses counseling and education with mybknow.com. Whether you are looking to take a bankruptcy course you for or after you file, there is a course available to teach you proper financial education. As a member you’ll gain access to credit rebuilding tools, housing counseling stress management.

Bankruptcy courses include a credit counseling course that is required before filing bankruptcy, this course is also called the prefiling or bankruptcy certificate course and cost $32. After you file there’s another course with personal financial management is required after you file. This course is also called the predischarge sword debtor education course and cost $25 to take.


First choice credit counseling and financial education provides courses online and over the phone as well is teaching individual and small group classes in California. Credit help is provided in various forms of housing counseling. Much of the ongoing efforts involve counseling that is related to the healing of the mental, emotional and spiritual level in regards to money and its effects.

The courses developed are available for anyone who is interested in improving basic financial education. Mybknow will quickly show you whether you should choose bankruptcy as your best or only option. If an individual or business is filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the courses offered meet all the requirements.

If you wish to take these courses, you can sign up and complete the courses online at mybknow.com and the convenience and privacy of your own home and schedule. The courses are designed to meet the bankruptcy law requirements and if you have any further questions regarding this you can call 1-877-692-5669 or request information at [email protected]. The predischarge financial management course is approximately two hours in length, what students will typically spend an hour to an hour and a half for the prefiling credit counseling course.