Apply For Job at Subway

Apply for your next job working for subway whether it be regional or a corporate job at If you’re looking into a job working for the subway franchise restaurants, you can apply as a sandwich artist or manager at a local subway near you.

Start your exciting career with a great franchise who is committed to providing guests with fresh, healthy mills that are made right before their eyes, always served quickly and with a friendly smile. These few things are what truly sets subway restaurants apart from other fast food chains and keeps guests coming back over and over.


Job Descriptions Include

  • Sandwich artist
  • Assistant manager
  • Manager
  • Multiunit manager

Sandwich Artist Job Requirements

To break down the positions that you can apply for at let’s look at what a sandwich artist does. It is their task and duty to greet and serve guests as well as prepare food, maintain food safety, handle and process light paperwork and maintain sanitation standards. It is extremely important that customer service is a major component of this position. One who applies for this position must exhibit a cheerful and helpful manner while greeting guests and preparing their food orders. An employee must understand completely what menu items are and be able to explain them to guest accurately.

Some prerequisites for the sandwich artist position include at least some high school education or equivalent. There are no previous experience for this position required, but one must have the ability to understand written and verbal instruction. Physically, one must be able to work any area of the restaurant when needed and have the ability to operate a computerized point-of-sale system also known as a cash register. Frequent bending, standing and walking must be sustained throughout the entire workday. Often times one must lift up to 10 pounds, and occasionally must be able to left 30 pounds.

Assistant Manager Requirements

An assistant manager will supervise the operations that happen daily at any given franchise restaurant to ensure food safety, product preparation cleanliness as well as inventory control. This position also requires one to schedule and supervise staff members and maintain standards of restaurant safety and security. You will need exceptional customer service and people skills as a major component of this position.

When needed, supervise food preparation to help maintain food safety as well as the operation standards are met. Supervise staff to maintain a standard of cleanliness that is outlined by subway operations manual. Typically one will maintain or oversee between 4 to 12 other employees. One must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent and some experience and restaurant operations. It is preferred that one who applies for this position have supervisory experience, but is not required. You must have excellent communication skills and the ability to deal with all kinds of employees on a daily basis. Having computer skills and knowledge is a plus.

An assistant manager must be able to work any area of the subway restaurant whenever needed, and have the ability to run a computerized point-of-sale system or cash register. You will need to be able to bend often as well as stand for long periods of time and walk throughout the entire workday. Must be able to lift at least 10 pounds frequently and up to 30 pounds on occasion.

If you feel that any of the above-mentioned job positions are something that you’re interested in applying for, submit your application through mysubwaycareer and get started on your career today. When you’re ready, simply search by address or by store number. To find a location that is close you simply enter your address, city, state or ZIP Code. If you know a specific subway restaurant store number, you can select search by store number and then enter the store number two find it.