Assurant Solutions Phone Claim

Select your service provider to learn more about the programs offered by Assurant Solutions via the Mobile Protection Center on From here you can learn all about the different mobile protection plans that are offered to you.

From you can also file or track a claim. After selecting your service provider you can view the plans that will help protect your device and you can enjoy peace of mind. You may also be able to find your deductible amount if you provide your mobile device’s make and model. But, before you will be able to do anything, you will have to select your mobile service provider form the drop-down menu.


Service Providers offered to select from on MyWirelessClaim

The service providers that are available for selection from the drop-down menu on My Wireless Claim include:

  • Bluegrass Cellular
  • Claro up – Brazil
  • Movistar – Argentina
  • TIM Italy
  • T-Mobile Puerto Rico
  • T-Mobile USA
  • U.S. Cellular

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