Asthma Research Studies

If you are over eighteen years of age, have asthma and would like to take part in a study to help develop new medications to treat it then visit Asthma, although common, can cause discomfort in everyday life, even while taking treatment medication. Taking part in this free clinical research study you will be able to be a part of the creation of medications to better treat this chronic disease in the future. provides you with the opportunity to receive benefits while searching for the best ways to manage the chronic disease. Asthma is a quite common condition that causes your airways to become narrower than normal and swollen, which, in turn makes it difficult to breathe. Symptoms of this disease can include coughing, wheezing and tightness or pain in the chest.


Possible Benefits of MyTrialForAsthma

If you happen to qualify to participate in one of these asthma studies, it is possible for you to receive:

  • Compensation up to $900.00
  • No-cost study medication
  • No-cost study-related care from a local doctor

The first thing that you will be asked is to select all who may want to participate in an asthma study out of the options: me (I’m 18 years or older), my child, me (I’m 17 years or younger), and someone else. After you have selected all that apply to you, you can click on the “next” button. If you select the first option only then you will be asked to provide your date-of-birth as the next step. After filling in your date-of-birth you will be asked to submit your contact information and then click the “next” button.

It is important to note that in a clinical research study such as this one, participants get and investigational medication, which is supervised by a study doctor as well as other research professionals that are involved in the study. In some studies, some people receive the said investigational medicine while others may receive an inactive one. If you qualify to participate, multiple study visits may be required, depending on the study for which you qualify, and as a result, compensation may be provided to cover time and travel.

If you have a desire to participate, then it is suggested that you apply as soon as possible because space is limited. Many adults struggle with the symptoms of asthma even while taking medication. By visiting my trial for asthma and applying to be part of the research you can be a part of advancing medicine and treatment of this chronic disease.