Avanti Markets Card

Login to the Avanti Markets My Market Card online member portal through mymarketcard.com. Access to your account is available 24 hours a day using your member username and password. Members must log in before online orders can be submitted. Use your account to add value and check promotions each time you sign in.

Load money onto your market card using cash, debit or a credit card. A loaded card gives value that can be used at one of Avanti markets revolutionary self checkout system. No need to carry cash or change in your pocket, all that is needed is your Avanti market card. Kiosks also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express along with the MyMarketCard or Key Tag. Log in online and add money to your market card today.


Avanti Markets make use of groundbreaking technology that allows companies to offer state-of-the-art 24 hour micro markets that allow employees easy access to healthy food options without ever leaving their workplace. This allows employees to not only watch what they eat at work, but also take-home items they purchase for continuing down the path of a healthy mindset. MyMarketCard.com and Avanti Markets will help create a sustaining healthy workplace for both you and your employees.

MyMarketCard Key Benefits

  • A large variety of fresh food options
  • Scan for nutritional value and content before purchasing any item
  • Over 300 items and products are available within a single market
  • Market hours are 24 hours a day seven days a week providing ease-of-use and convenience
  • Complete product selection customization
  • Incentive programs that give rewards with Avanti markets key tags
  • Rarely is a service call needed
  • 24 hour security system

For questions or concerns regarding Avanti Markets or the my market card program call customer service at 1-888-937-2826.