Big Campus LMS

Log into My Big Campus to connect, collaborate and learn with this educational hub between students and the web at Bring all futures of an LMS together such as lessons, assignments, reporting and calendars in a manner that is safe within a collaborative community.

My big campus gets students to be engaged, educators to get inspired, parents are involved in IT is more than confident that everything is safe. This is the best place to find all the tools students and educators need in one of the easiest fashions to access and share them. In short, MyBigCampus makes learning easy and fun.

If you are not already a member, you can join the millions of users that are already using My Big Campus for an education revolution. Get a free evaluation in your school today and watch just how excited your students will be about learning tomorrow. You can expand your classroom and extend your possibilities because this software goes everywhere you go which means anytime, anywhere and any device.


Features of MyBigCampus

  • Activity feed. Using mobile apps for iOS and android you will get notifications for posts, announcements, discussions, assignments and more.
  • MBC Blogs. Share stories and learn from others who are using the same program is you.
  • Groups. This feature allows you to bring people together in classes, clubs, teams and more. Whole group discussions and chats, share announcements through a collaborative network that can help one’s learn together.
  • Library. An extensive library available right at your fingertips that includes videos and websites as well as full on session plans. It is easy to search and incorporate lessons as well as share with others and so much more. All content is safe, filtered and shareable.
  • Schoolwork. Online assignments, quizzes and tests that are paperless make schoolwork more fun than ever. Students are easily able to access their work anywhere they have an Internet connection.

Once you have an account, you can find your school by name or ZIP Code. Enter your username and password and click login to get started. Use this smarter learning management system that includes all the features you will need in an LMS plus much more than you ever thought possible.

If you have any questions or need help troubleshooting a problem you can visit the support Center that is full of frequently asked questions that are categorized by topic. If you’re not able to find exactly what you’re looking for you can email the support Center at [email protected]