Bill Payment Manager

Pay your bills on your terms taking control of all your bills when personal finance is done right at Keeping up with all your bills should not be a chore, with the use of my payment manager, simply login to make payments to pay your biller directly.

If you want to keep up with your budget by meeting your monthly bills and recurring payments without getting behind, paying online is one of the easiest and fastest growing methods to do so. Keep track of what bills are due, what bills have been paid and your account balance all in one place. Simply use your unique username ID and password to login and get started.

Options available for my payment manager Bill include using through your computer or laptop, or you can use the mobile app to pay all of your bills. With the mobile app you can use your mobile phone or mobile device to access your account completely. In order to pay online, you must first create an account with MyPaymentManager. Once you have a verified account you can use your checking account as a form of payment for your bills.


Available app operating Systems Include

  • Apple app store
  • Google play
  • Windows phone
  • Windows 8
  • Kindle fire

Use the prism app designed for my payment manager by entering your phone number to get the free app. Simply enter the amount due, choose the date in which you wish to pay then select the payment method you wish to use. Checking is currently available as well as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Take charge your finances and sign up for an easy bill pay system using the prism money mobile app or login directly to your my payment manager account.