BlueKC Kansas City

Log in to the Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Kansas City with your username and password at Get answers 24/7 concerning your health plan. Your personal member portal offers personalized coverage details, your claim history, health information, and cost-saving tools.

Using you can order a new ID card, check claim statuses, find a doctor, you benefit information and much more! Registering your own account is easy and to get started simply click the register now button and use information from your blue ID card to start the process.


Register a MyblueKC Account

Your ID card information will be used to verify your membership and allow you to create your username and password profile. To complete the process enter the following information into the required fields on the registration page.

  • ID number
  • Suffix
  • Group number
  • ZIP Code
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Create a username between six and 50 characters that includes two different types of characters between letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Create a password that is between eight and 20 characters that includes at least one letter and one number.

When you are sure that your personal information has been entered correctly, click continue to start the second portion of the registration process. Here you’ll need to choose your challenge questions. In case you lose your username, or password information you will use these challenge questions to help regain access your account. In the third step you will need to confirm that all the information you have provided is correct. Submit your information to gain access to your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City member portal.

Losing a member ID card happens often. If you have lost yours you can contact customer service by calling 816-395-3558 or by calling 888-989-8842 between 8 AM and 8 PM Monday through Friday.

Once you have registered and are logged in, your member homepage will display important information regarding your blue KC policy. Each section of the member portal is customized to reflect things that are important to you concerning your policy. Use the intelligent search feature for any specific information you have questions to. When you ask a question, you will receive an immediate response as well as be shown similar questions related to the category in which you have asked a question in.

The benefit section contains graphs and tables to help you track what you have already paid. Accessing your summery of benefits is done by selecting the medical benefits tab in your member portal. The claims section contains a history of 24 months summary concerning your claims, easily helping you track your health expenses each year. The get care guide section helps you understand insurance and answer some of the main questions you may have regarding insurance such as what I need to do, what I need to pay, how I get the most value from my plan.

My Blue KC member portal gives you access to personalized coverage details claim history health information cost-saving tools and more whenever you need him. Navigating the healthcare pass is easier when you register for your own personal account with