CCISD Login Platform

Log into your CCISD employee account today at If you are a member of the faculty of the Corpus Christi Independent School District and would like to access your account, you can do so by logging in. If you are new to the school district do not have an account yet you can also claim one and get started today.

The my.ccisd portal is a platform by RapidIdentity. The purpose of this page is to verify your identity so as to ensure that every user of the portal has the authority to access an account. If you are not a verified employee of the Corpus Christi Independent School District then you do not have the authority to access an account and this portal is not for you.


More About My.CCISD

If you would like to log into your account with CCISD you can enter your username and password into the areas provided in order to do so. But what if you have forgotten your password or need help logging in? Well, there is a link available to help you in that situation. This link is above the “Username” box and is titled “Need help?”

Activating this link will show you a list of very helpful links that may be able to assist you with your problem. There is currently only one link available for your use at this time. This is the “Forgot My Password” link. When you activate this link you will be redirected to a new page that will help you through the four step process of recovering your password. Among these steps is the requirement to supply your username in order to get started.

If you do not yet have an account with My CCISD or the Corpus Christi Independent School district, you can use the “Claim My Account” button in order to get started with the process. Activating this button will redirect you to a new window that will first ask you to select the account policy that you would like have. You can select the one you want from the drop down list. Please only select the one that is right for your role in the Corpus Christi Independent School District. These options include:

  • CCISD Staff Claim Policy
  • CCISD High School Student Claim Policy
  • CCISD Middle School Student Claim Policy
  • CCISD Guardian Claim Policy

Once you have created your account be sure to keep your login information in a safe place so as not to lose it.


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