Clash Of Clans Free Gems

Get a free clash of clans gems pack using the giveaway provided by The process is fairly quick and simple, however there is more involved than simply just asking and receiving. In return for free gems no survey you are asked to like official Facebook page. You can avoid having to use the like feature by waiting a pre-designated amount of time for each bonus package you choose to receive.

To receive your bonus gems, click the green flashing button titled “click here” to proceed to the bonus package you would like to get. There are three options to choose from and this includes the small package which is 10,000 gems, a medium package which is 50,000 gems and a big package which is 100,000 gems that can be used in clash of clans. This method is supposed to even the playing field between people who spend lots of money towards their game as opposed to those who choose not to spend.


Small package from myfreegems. This includes 10,000 gems and in return for them, you are asked to please share and like the clash of clans giveaway Facebook page from my free gems. If you do not wish to share, you’re required to wait 300 seconds.

Medium package. The medium giveaway is 50,000 gems and if you choose not to like or share on Facebook you’re required to wait 500 seconds to receive them.

Big package. The big package contains 100,000 gems and you must share or like on Facebook or wait 1000 seconds to receive them for free.

Is there a catch or gimmick to receive your free gems? There appears to be some user interactive steps in order to receive your gem package. You will be asked to take part in either a survey or download an app or program before you receive your code to get your gems. Your clash of clans free gems code will be generated, and must be entered into the required code box along with your player name before you can download.