Coca Cola Rewards Program

Sign in or join my Coke rewards to start earning points towards great rewards and prizes at The reward program is designed around you and your interest and the reward opportunities are endless. To get prizes first you need to earn points. Points can be earned by entering codes found on the packaging of your favorite Coca-Cola brand products. These codes can be found under caps, or inside the box of a 12 pack of cans or on multipack wraps.

The status of your rewards is directly correlated with points that you have. You need to complete activities to get status, and the bronze catalog is available to all members of my Coke rewards or MCR. You can build your status to gain access more rewards that are expanded into the silver and gold category catalogs. The more activities you take part in and complete, the higher your points and status will climb.


Once you have gained points and status, you will use these to get rewarded. Basically enter more and do more allowing you to level up and up and up, gaining rewards for yourself. Points can be used to redeem rewards as well as entering sweepstakes, or the points can be donated to charity or even unlock certain activities. When you complete activities that have a + status symbol, you will level up between bronze to silver to gold. Each status level comes with its own list of expanded rewards, catalogs and gifts. In order to earn access to all these exciting rewards as you build your status, you must start from the bottom and work your way to bigger and better rewards.

How to get started with MyCokeRewards.Com

Simply stated, it all starts with a code. However you need to have an account to get started. You get one free point when you enter the code given from a product. If you are able to get friends and family to sign up for a MCR account, you will get three status points sent your way. As you earn points and gain rewards, you’ll see that the prizes are often tailored to reflect your interest. This means that if you prefer food, you will earn Pacific gifts like gift certificates to restaurants etc.

As you started gaining points, you’re going to want to start to claim your rewards based off the amount of points that you have earned. Simply visit the reward section of your profile, and search for fun surprises.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding MyCokeRewards, you can reach them through the contact us page. Simply fill out the submission form and you will submit an email to them. The required information is:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Email address confirmation
  • Birthdate
  • Message topic
  • Message body

You can also write a a standard letter and send it through the US Postal Service. Feel free to call the customer service line at 866-674-2653 between the hours of 9 AM and 7 PM Monday through Friday. There is a virtual agent that is available for online chat 24 hours a day seven days a week.