County of Los Angeles Access

Learn all that you can about the County of Los Angeles at Here you can view everything from new about the country to available activities for kids. From here you can also look at important things such as: public records, jobs, live board meetings and the directory.

At you can also view the popular services tab for the fastest access to the most highly requested services and information. You can also learn about the most exciting and urgent events going on. As a member of the Los Angeles county community, all of this information will be of the utmost importance to you.


Navigating myLACounty

There are so many different options to choose from when searching for a specific set of data on. To make your search easier, there are a few tabs that help organize all of the information available to you. Click on one of these tabs if you would like to learn more about its label. These tabs are labeled as follows:

  • Newsroom
  • Popular services
  • Map and Go
  • Residents
  • Government
  • Business
  • Things to do
  • Emergency

One of the most helpful tabs that is available is the popular services tab. The options under this tab include:

  • Business liscence fee
  • Child support payments
  • Property tax bill
  • Traffic ticket
  • Apply for a marriage licence
  • Apply for health care
  • Get a copy of a birth certificate
  • Get a copy of a death certificate
  • Register as a candidate for office
  • Register as a voter
  • Report crime
  • Report child abuse
  • Report fraud by employee/vendor

If you are an employee of L.A. County then you can login to your employee account to access my la county benefits at All you have to do is enter your employee ID and PIN/Password in order to log in. If you happen to forget your password, then you can reset it using the instructions found on

If you would like to contact a county program, office, or service, then you can use the “contact” link at the bottom of the screen to take you to the needed information. If you would like to contact the Public Affairs Office then you can use the phone number (213) 974-1311 or (800) 735-2929 (TDD).The physical address that is given is Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration 500 W. Temple St. Room 358, Los Angeles 90012. If you would like to make contact via email then you can use the provided email address at [email protected]