CreditWise Tracking Tools

Track and manage your credit score totally free and available to everyone through The app I capital one see your credit score at no charge, and this service is updated weekly giving you key factors that can impact your credit. A useful and vital tool simulates how financial decisions can affect your score.

Whether or not you’re a capital one customer, anyone can access the services provided by for free. You will never be asked to enter a credit card number, and the search results will not hurt your score. Members with a creditwise account can login, and those wanting to get started can quickly and easily sign up.


MyCreditInform Key Benefits

  • See what goes into your score
  • Look at your past credit history
  • Learn what makes a healthy credit score
  • View how everyday decisions affect your credit
  • Get alerts when something changes
  • Keep an eye on your accounts
  • No would you stand with key factors that affect your credit

The key features and benefits will give you your current Trans Union credit score along with a summary of where you stand with key factors that a affect your credible finances. Increases and dips in your score month-to-month are available along with more in-depth information about how your history has changed. An available credit simulator helps to take some of the Mistry out of how your credit decisions affect your score. Easily and quickly see what can happen if you make a one time payment or take out a new line of credit and much more.

What better way to keep an eye on your accounts then to get alerts when something changes. Automated emails are available whenever your TransUnion report changes. This includes financial and background inquiries, delinquent accounts and more. Members can also get summaries of available and open lines of credit that show total amount owed, as well as information about the standings of your accounts.

Knowing the key factors that affect your credit and how important these factors are that lenders use to determine credit worthiness, will help you get an idea of how you’re currently doing and will give you tips for managing your finances and credit responsibly. Below are six important features that can impact how your credit is viewed by lenders:

  1. On-time payments
  2. Oldest credit line
  3. Credit used
  4. Recent inquiries
  5. New accounts
  6. Available credit

To lenders, the six factors will tell them many qualities about you as an individual and how you view your finances. They want to know if you’re going to make payments on time in the future, how long you’ve had a credit line available and how responsible you are with your usage of money.

To take full advantage of all the key benefits and tools offered by creditwise and capital one, sign in or register for your own personal account. Available accounts include personal, business and commercial. These three accounts can be broken down into sub accounts that include credit cards, banking, loans, investing and rewards. Choose the category and subcategory that best fits your situation and select either the sign in or sign up button to get started.