Delta Global Services Account

Log in to your online account with Delta Global Services by using If you don’t have one yet, this is also where you can create an account. If this is your first time to use this site, kindly complete the registration process using your PPR#. You can start by hitting on the blue link that says ‘register’ to get to the right page. However, only DGS Staffing and Corporate employees on active assignments with an active PPR number will be able to register. is where you can find more information about the company’s services. Just hit on the subheading marked as ‘Services’ to view a list of Delta Global Services’ solutions. Employees of the company can take advantage of the following: e-verify work eligibility, FBI fingerprints, no-fly list confirmation and terror watch list monitoring. DGS also offers STAs, Badging, SIDA and U.S. Customs Seals. There are many other things that you can do on the site, simply use the provided links to find what you need.


How to Log In to Your MyDGS Online Account

  1. Simply type in your username or PPR# and password to their corresponding fields.
  2. Proceed to your account by hitting the blue ‘Log In’ button.

If you forget your password, just activate the link that says ‘Forgot your Password?’. For staffing employees who encounter any problems logging in or with registration, please use the link that says ‘use this form’ and fill it out accordingly.

For DGS security, kindly contact your manager for access to Security’s intranet and for aviation ramp employees, you can get your insider access from your manager. If the purpose of your visit is to create an account, please use the link that says ‘Create an Account’ to get to the proper page.

For further assistance on your My DGS account, you can call 404-715-4300 or fill out the contact form to send in your message. DGS also has various social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can check from these channels to keep updated of the latest news and events of the company.

More About the Company

Delta Global Staffing is a subsidiary of Delta Airlines. Based in the United States, it was created with the purpose of sourcing, screening and managing the best workforce for the airline. Today, the company has a very diverse customer base – it offers a comprehensive suite of creative solutions for nearly every profession and industry.


What is Delta PPR?

PPR stands for Primary Pass Rider (Delta Airlines)

What is deltanet?

Deltanet, the company's internal website, is a high-performance tool designed to give Delta people immediate access to the company news and information they need to be informed and maximize productivity. It didn't used to be that way.

How do I change my deltanet password?

Once you have gained access to the Password Account Self Service site, choose “Delta Passport” from the list of accounts. Click the "Change Password" button and input your password in the two spaces provided. Click "Submit" and wait for a response.

How do I use Delta Travelnet?

Travelers using Delta's Travelnet application will log into, and select the Travelnet link. The default search option is to show “All Direct Flights.” For more options, change the search parameters to “All Flights." This will show flights with connections as well as direct flights.

Where is DGS located?

Since 2001, DGS headquarters has been located at The Ziggurat in West Sacramento.

What is DGS?

DGS is an aviation ground handling service company that provides domestic and international ground handling services to multiple airline business partners. DGS is unique in that we are the only ground handling service company in the United States to be recognized by OSHA with VPP STAR status.

How do I contact Delta Global Services?

Delta Global ServicesWebsite Link. Phone Number. (206) 246-1716.Air Cargo/Carrier Additional Phone Number. (206) 439-2399.Primary Sub Category.Airline Type. Air Cargo Service › airlines › delta-global-servicesDelta Global Services | Port of › airlines › delta-global-services

Is DGS a Delta?

Delta Global Services (DGS) is a leading aviation services provider offering aviation, staffing and security-related services to Delta and other airlines in more than 170 airport locations in the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and the Bahamas.