E Stub Paperless Pay Corporation

Log into the Paperless Pay Corporations payroll communication employee portal at my-estub.com. As an employee whose company uses the paperless pay Corporation system, you can use a unique username and password to login to the future of employee payroll communication, now!

Once logged in you can view payroll deposits in real time and manage your account as an employee. East of is an online secure and paperless web-based solution that puts an end to time consuming payroll processes. East of eliminates calls for check advices and W-2s because employees can view online documents pertaining to their payroll at any time. They can also use their online access to print these documents.


A great feature includes the ability to scan year to date payroll information that includes allocations and accruals, deductions and personal information. There is a historical view of data available based upon past entries that are made. There is a wealth of information available to the an employee using my-estub.com, however security is tight and regular security enhancements are made on a regular basis. While an employee is logged in, there are authentication procedures as well as an audit trail of their activity to be monitored.

Features and benefits of My-Estub

  • Innovative technology and the power of the Internet to payroll
  • Web-based access 24/7
  • Administrator controlled check history
  • Payroll history
  • Print of pay information
  • Ability to message users on the homepage
  • Exclude check dates from list
  • Payroll check stubs and information regarding yearly W-2s
  • Customizable payroll check layout
  • Updates quarterly for security enhancements
  • Easy to use interface

Overview of E-Stub

The e stub payroll system will reduce time to process employee payrolls as well as year and inquiries. It is safe and secure requiring employee authentication for access. It eliminates the need to print checks and gives one the ability to view payroll history at just a glance. There is less equipment to use and therefore creates a great supply savings.