eScreen Member Portal

Members can log in to their web based program management online account with a valid username and password through Signing into your account, means that you agree to the user conditions and and terms required to enter. Gain access to view and manage all aspects of your hiring program from the comfort of your computer 24/7. can help you maintain a drug-free workplace with little hassle. The technology used can take a daunting task of hiring, and make it easier by integrating with all your human relation functions. This includes applicant tracking, and HRIS platforms. Management system is so flexible that you can create a perfect solution that will meet your program specific needs.


Key features and benefits of Myescreen

  • Drug testing results done in real time that allow you to make offers to first choice candidates as quickly as possible.
  • Drug test collections done paperlessly.
  • Reports and management tools
  • Drug test scheduling online
  • Notification of expired events are relayed immediately
  • Monitor and track the status of any and all employee drug screenings
  • Manage all test events including regulated and nonregulated versions

Myescreen has the ability to be integrated with applicant tracking and HRIS platforms that allow automation for hiring and administrative processes. If you wish to speak with an E screen customer representative you can call 1-800-881-0722. Products and services, or option five for client services and technical support.