FACTS Payment Plan

Login to manage your FACTS Tuition payment plan and account on mypaymentplan.com. FACTS Management provides private and faith-based schools with only the best Tuition Management, Financial Aid Assessment, and School Administration software. From this page you can view your Account Balance and Payments as well as create a new payment plan.

This site, as part of FACTS, is run by Nelnet; a company designed to make your student loan repayment as simple and easy as possible. If you are accessing your account on mypaymentplan.com for the first time, you will need to click on the “Account Setup” button. After providing all of the information that is asked for you will be able to start managing your tuition with ease.


More about MyPaymentPlan

Consider some of the convenient benefits of having an account with My Payment Plan:

  • You can view your account balance and payment
  • Update your banking or credit card information as needed
  • Update your demographic information such as your home address and phone number

Remember that in regards to your taxes, your payment history can be viewed under the Agreement Summary tab but there are certain tax related documents such as Form 1098-T, which is the tuition payments statement, that you will have to get from your personal educational institution.

If you have questions, feel free to click on the FAQ’s link at the bottom of the page to get answers to questions regarding

  • General information
  • Getting started with mypaymentplan.com
  • Payment Questions
  • Banking or credit card questions
  • Changes to an agreement
  • Setup a new agreement
  • Additional questions

If you still have questions even after viewing this page or would like to talk to a representative personally, you can use the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page to provide you with more contact options. The phone number that is provided is 800-624-7029. If will be asked to press option

number 2 if you are calling the number for information about preschool through high school aged students. You can press on option number 3 if you have questions about available college level programs.