First Premier Second Card Application

Enter the confirmation number you received via mail to apply for your second First Premier Bank credit card at Having an excellent history with first premier bank will guarantee you a second bank card if you apply within the expiration date. The letter you received in the mail will contain your confirmation number. The number will be highlighted in yellow towards the upper middle area of the letter.

Retrieve the confirmation number and inserted into the required box above the button labeled “Apply Now”. For reference view the image below for a sample location of where your confirmation number will be located. To use for a second credit card, you only qualify if you do not already have a second account or a pending application with first premier bank.


If you have opened an account within the last 13 months you’re not eligible to apply for the second card. The following reasons will insure your qualification for premier cardholder MasterCard, please note:

  • Apply by the expiration date given in your letter
  • Valid name, Social Security number and date of birth that matched information on your record
  • Do not have a second account or pending application
  • Have not open an account within the last 13 months
  • Current account is not in default
  • Address provided an application can be verified
  • Gross minimum annual income of at least $10,000
  • Sufficient income or assets to meet obligations

Mysecondcard will issue cards from first premier bank. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account or application you can write to the following PO Box:

First Premier Bank
PO Box 5524, Sioux Falls San Diego 57117 – 5524