Goodwill Donation Tracker

Track your donation to Goodwill on Goodwill has now made it easier than ever to track the personal donation that you have made to the organization so that you can truly see how much good your wonderful donation is doing. This page is the official Goodwill Industries of Houston’s Donation Tracker portal. With this recently installed system you will no longer need to keep your paper receipt in order to track your donation.

After you have registered for an account for the first time you can use the Donation Tracker with ease. It will conveniently generate an electronic receipt for you. After generating your receipt it will send it to your registered email address. You will be able add new donations to the tracker as you make them throughout the year. This system also makes it very easy for you to be able to print an overall yearly summary of all of the donations that you have made. This is very helpful in the event that you need to claim a tax deduction for your charitable contributions to the organization. Learn more on


Logging into your MyGoodwillReceipt Account

All you need in order to log into your account is your registered email address and password. You just need to enter this information into the appropriate areas on the My Goodwill Receipt portal. You can fill in the box next to “Remember me?”if you would like the portal to save your login information for an even quicker login experience the next time you visit the site. It is recommended that you only do this on your own personal computer or internet active device, not if you are using a public or shared computer or device. This is for your own privacy and protection. The required areas are marked with an astrisk.

If you are a new donor, you are very welcome to the portal and you can register your donation and receive your donation receipt. You will need to provide your Donation Receipt ID in order to being the account-creation process.

If you are having issues or have any questions, you can use the customer service help line in order to get this help. The Customer Service phone number is 1-713-699-6368. If you would rather mail in your questions, comments, or concerns, you can use the following address in order to do so: Goodwill Industries of Houston 1140 West Loop North, Houston, Tx 77055.