HarborTouch Gift Card Balance

Check your remaining gift card balance online by using checkmygiftbalance.com. Gift and loyalty cards are the fastest growing form of non-cash payment today. United Bank Card is one of the institutions that offers a full range of gift and loyalty card program that can meet the requirements of any merchant. These cards are superior to paper certificates in both functionality and customer preference. They were once exclusive to large chains and department stores but now, United Bank Card has enable businesses of all sizes to offer gift and loyalty cards.

UBC offers a FREE 25 gift card starter package to all new merchants. The bank has a variety of gift card options that will suit the specific needs of different businesses. You can choose from a broad selection of pre-designed card templates or produce your own cards with custom artwork and images. The bank’s diverse gift and loyalty card packages range from 1-color pre-designed cards, 1-color custom cards or 4-color cards personalized with your custom graphics. Each package includes gift or loyalty cards, card sleeves and envelopes, a tabletop display with insert and window decals. And to top it all, these cards are very easy to activate! United Bank Card will send you a 25 free starter gift card package for immediate use. Find out more on checkmygiftcardbalance.com.


How to us CheckmyGiftBalance on Your Card

If you already have a gift or loyalty card from United Bank Card and would like to check your remaining balance online, please follow the indicated steps below:

  1. On checkmygiftbalance.com, enter your gift card account number on the space provided.
  2. Click on the blue button that says ‘Go’ and wait for the system to provide the result.
  3. If you are a business owner and would like to get other merchant services, you can get more information from harbortouch.com or call 800-201-0461 option

Who is HarborTouch?

Harbortouch is a leading national supplier of Point of Sale (POS) systems, serving tens of thousands of businesses across the nation. The company offers a wide variety of merchant services – from electronic cash registers to credit card processing terminals. It is one of the largest and most reputable payment processors in the United States that has garnered countless awards for its outstanding customer service and innovative products. Harbortouch’s customer support is handled entirely in-house and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, completely FREE of charge from all merchants. Moreover, professional installation and onsite training are included with every POS order.

For further information about your gift or loyalty card, feel free to contact the company about it. Its customer service or sales department can be reached at 800-843-8117 or [email protected], its technical support department at 800-201-0461 option 6 or [email protected], its shipping & supplies department at 800-843-8117 or [email protected] and its risk management department at 800-201-0461 x114 or [email protected]