Higher One Financial Aid Services

Log into your Higher One integrated financial aid services account through myonemoney.com. The college and university partnered system developed through higher one will deliver your financial aid refund. This refund will be delivered to you 100% at no cost, therefore providing students with clear choices while offering great customer service at the same time.

Checking account choices go hand-in-hand with this fast system devised to receive refunds from your college or university. With a whole wealth of awesome features integrated and designed into your my one money account to make your life easier. Yet you may stop and ask what is in it for me?


There is no doubt when it comes to your financial choices, you have to make the best choice that serves your needs. Managing your money and receiving financial aid refunds is an important choice and should be made with care. Some of the choices that Higher One is offering through myonemoney.com include:

  • Same business day deposit to a oneaccount when these funds are released by a college or university to Higher One.
  • Deposit your funds into another account, money will be made available in 2 to 3 business days.
  • Innovative account features that can be managed through mobile apps over your mobile device.
  • OneRewards system that gives cash back through their rewards program
  • The inside edge, which is full of tips and advice to help you plan your future to get ahead.
  • StartwithChange.com is a student focused community that allows you to take an active role and financial education from money one’s in-house financial literacy expert.

Each student should take into consideration that all refunds are not submitted or received at the exact same time, therefore each individual person will be receiving their refund when their school sends money one a refund file containing your refund information. The best way to find your specific refund expected return would be to contact your college or university’s financial aid or business office. If you are signed up for mobile alerts, you will then be notified when your refund has been dispersed.