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Sign into your higher flex member account and start looking for work immediately through myhireflex.com. If you have not yet created an account, and would like to start a job search you will need to create a profile before you can apply for a job.

Filter job results by any state, also by job orders and positions. Apply for a job in your area quickly and easily by searching the listings located through myhigherflex. You must have an account in order to apply for any job position that shows to be available through their job search engine. Creating your own personal profile is quick and easy and requires that you are authorized to work in the United States, your at least 18 years of age, have access to reliable transportation and are okay to work as a W-2 employee.


Create a Profile

Your personal information is important to get yourself qualified to apply for a position or to receive and send job notifications as well as company updates. Once you have an account you can manage your job hunt 24 hours a day seven days a week. To create an account you will need the following:

  • First name
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Once again there are four important questions that you must agree to before you can finalize your personal profile. Must be able to work in the US, the 18 years of age, have reliable transportation and be okay working as a W-2 employee. The email address you used to create your account must be valid, as this is how you will be contacted for job updates. You should receive your login information within 24 hours of applying.

With a valid and current account you can log in to your myhigherflex.com member portal using your email address and password. You can also download the mobile version for job seekers that allows you to access your account using a smart device or phone. If you have lost your password, you can request to have it reset and that information will be emailed to your email address on file.

If you’re looking for work, sign up now and apply for jobs. Using a job ID or position ID as well as a search by state quickly returned many results located close to you and get you started with your new job or career today.