Humana Member Services

Secure your family’s health information and insurance at MyHumana.  Personalized information available to meet your individual and families unique needs.  Established in 1961 and located in Louisville, Kentucky, Humana is an organization for all health care needs and was originally a nursing home company.  Humana serves many diverse individuals.  Families, military, self-employed individuals can benefit from the many different products and services.  With services health insurance and Medicare plans, there are unique products that are available.  Some examples of the services are:  Ventures, Medicare Plans, HumanaOne, HumanaVitality, Military, One Dental and Vision, Life and Supplemental Insurance, VisionCare, Pharmacy, and many more!

While striving to ensure your personal health and well-being, there are also informational pages to help you make the best choices.  Just getting a few more hours of shut-eye can make a whole lot of difference in your overall stamina.  The Learning Center provides different links and informational websites to give you any information on healthy choices positive lifestyle habits.  From massages, spa days, and a dental I.Q., information can easily be accessed from the website.  Different services offered are:  health insurance, dental, vision, pharmacy care, life and supplemental, and many more.  Urgent care, fitness programs, resources, and a personalized health website is available to all members and their families.


Benefits and Services from My Humana

Https://  is a secure online account for you to keep track of your health insurance information.  This service provides easy and convenient ways to access any information you need about your health care.  Some features include:

  • Check claims
  • Benefit summary
  • Track spending
  • View any deductibles
  • Check prescriptions
  • View medical histories and summary
  • Track fitness and exercise
  • Set personal goals
  • View providers

To access a new account, all you need to do is go to the homepage and select the link for “new user.”  Then after setting a few language preferences, username, and personal identification number, the prompts will direct you to finishing your account set up.  Friendly customer service representatives are available 24/7 at 1-800-833-6917 or see the different options at My Humana to “contact us”.  Access more services using

There is also a mobile app for accessing your account.  Downloadable from Google Play or The App Store, the mobile app allows members to view account information anytime and anywhere on any smartphone, tablet, or mobile device.  Perks and rewards are free to members.  The many different options for medical plans are there for you to choose.  Having different options enable you to personalize your plan’s coverage.  You can choose which options are most convenient at the website or mobile app.  Download the “MyHumana” app today to access all the great features!


How do I check my Humana claim?

Sign in to your MyHumana account from This will bring you to your personal dashboard. 2. Select 'Claims....Step by step: How to view your claims on your computerSelect another member on your plan.See other types of claims.Search for claims by date or number.View your year-to-date › health-and-wellbeing › healthy-living › view-claimsView Your Claims Online with › health-and-wellbeing › healthy-living › view-claims

Where can I use my Humana insurance?

With your Humana health plan, you have access to healthcare services with doctors, at retail clinics, urgent care centers and hospitals in your plan's network. Seeing these network providers may save you time and money when you need care.

What is my Humana member ID?

Your Member ID is located on your Humana ID card. It also may be called your Subscriber ID, Sub ID, ID, or ID#. and where you might locate your Member ID number.

How do I sign up for Humana?

Steps to enroll in a planOnce you've selected a plan, click “Enroll” to get started.Fill out the form with your personal information (date of birth, address, Medicare number, etc.) and answer a few questions about any previous and current healthcare coverage you may have.More items...•Aug 24, › medicare › enroll-in-a-planEnroll in a Medicare Plan, Find a Medicare Plan Thats ... - › medicare › enroll-in-a-plan