LA County Benefits

Use your employee ID to log into the County of Los Angeles benefits site using Your six digit employee identification number is required to gain access to this portal. First time users logging in, your pen and password is set to the two digit month and four digit year of your date of birth. Once logged in, you are required to change your pen and password to an eight digit code.

The benefits administrator login can be accessed through via the administration link. An employee benefits customer service representative with DHR is available to provide help if you’re having any difficulty accessing the online portal. Administrators must also use a valid user ID and password.

The County of LA special logon group is accessible through one-on-one enrollment found within mylacountybenefits. The user administration can provide help and assistance if your experience difficulty accessing this portal. Logging and also requires a valid user ID and pen or password.

The County of Los Angeles absence management system login is available and provides search, task list and reports. A username and password is required.


My LA County Benefits

  • Free health insurance after 25 years
  • Pension plan and a 457 with 4% matching from the county
  • Benefits are based on your age, number of years of service and your contribution, Several options are available to select from
  • Overall good pension and retirement perks
  • Time off and flexible work schedules
  • Professional support
  • Perks and discounts
  • Family and parenting
  • Financial and retirement
  • Insurance, health and wellness

Access your LA County benefits program 24 hours a day using the online member portal that is accessible only with a valid username and password for current employees of the county. Manage your account, view accessible health and wellness programs and much more. Contact your Los Angeles County customer representative over the phone by calling 213-974-3211.