LabCall Test Results Login

Retrieve your LabCalls test results using your customer or client number by logging in at To get started you will need your customer/client number the client log in/ user ID as well as your designated PIN number. Click login to access The LabCalls lab results inquiry system through TeleVox.

With Lab Calls ability to provide test results on the Internet, you will no longer need to visit the hospital or your personal doctor or dental hygienist to find out results of your medical tests. Since 1992, hospitals, doctors, health organizations and many small businesses have been able to use this online system to engage with their customers and provide test results in a much faster manner.


TeleVox’s online automated lab results system allows reporting of lab result messages quickly and easily with just the click of a mouse or through calling a one 800 number. Patients can login through the designated website at to quickly retrieve results using a unique PIN number.

With my test results online portal, as a patient you will be able to have daily access to lab reports and test results. Doctors and staff will be able to access the system therefore assigning specific patient messages, chart numbers and much more. As a patient, being able to find out your lab test results in a discreet and quick manner is important. This is why my test results has teamed up with Tele box to provide a quick and easy online service to give you the medical test results you’re looking for.