LACCDcard by HigherOne

Get your financial aid refund the way you want it by using If you are a student of the Los Angeles Community College District and are looking to log into your account to manage your return then this where you can log in. From here you can not only log into your account, but also, if this is your first time recieving or managing your financial aid then you can use the links on this site to get more information about your return.

On you can connect to the HigherOne webiste to recieve answers to questions that you may have about managing or recieving your financial aid return. If you have already received your HighOne green envelope in the mail with your personal code number or card number then you can use this information to get your account started. If you already have an account, all you have to do is enter your email address and password in the boxes proved on the homepage and clicking on the “Log in!” button.


After you have logged into your account using MyLACCDCard

From here you can decide how it is that you would like to recieve or use your refund. Students most often want to use their refund to purchase or rent their text books, buy food, gas up, or purchase other things necessary for school. If you have a preferance as to what account you would like to use to manage your refund money then you can certainly choose the way in which you want to do that. Your options may vary by school but a few of the options generally available are:

  • Using your OneAccount – this is where the university releases your money to. This is the account that your HigherOne card is connected to. From this account you would be able to access and use your refund money the same day it was deposited.
  • Depositing your money to another account – this would still involve your school releasing your money to your One Account. From there you would sumbit your ACH Information so that Higher one can send your money to your bank. After being sent to the Federal Reserve and then to your third party bank your money will be available for use. This process will take 2 – 3 business days.

It is important for students to be aware of the financial choices that they make and the possible fees that may be related to those choices. As a result, students are encouraged to view the guide to services and fees that is provided for you by clicking on the link titled “Fee Schedule” on the bottom left side of the my llacd card homepage. This will show you a chart that explains the possible fees connected with account usage, overdrafts, etc, as well as ways in which these fees may be avoided. When viewing this chart make sure that you are viewing the chart that corresponds to the type of account you have; OneAccount, OneAccount edge, or OneAccount Premier. You can verify that you are viewing the proper chart by checking to ensure that the proper tab is selected at the top of the chart, underneath the title “A Guide to Services and Fees” and the instrustions. As noted in the instructions, some fees may vary according to school and account type, so the best thing to do is log into your account to view the fees associated with your specific account.