Litmos HealthCare Education

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Learning Management Solutions Offered at MyLMS

Litmos is the world’s most user-friendly Learning Management System. It has over 4 million users today, including large enterprise companies, SMB’s and non-profit organizations. If you have an online account with My LMS, you can take advantage of the various solutions offered by the company including:

  • Employee Training – this is comprised of courses related to your employees’ job roles and responsibilities. If they complete this training, they will become more effective and productive for your business.
  • Customer Training – this is an intuitive interface that can help your customers have a better understanding of your latest products. You can easily customize it with your company logo and colors.
  • Compliance Training – no one likes compliance training, but Litmos found a way to make it encouraging and easy.
  • Channel Training – with this training program, you can conveniently assign courses to your external partners around the globe. This program can also be set-up to allow learners to register on their own.

For more information, please refer to the company’s website or call +1 (925) 251-2220.