Lowes Employee Benefits Portal

Log into the Lowes employee portal using your sales number by visiting myloweslife.com. The employee portal was set up to accommodate employees of the Lowes franchise. You must be a current employee to enjoy the benefits provided through this system.

The employee portal set up myLoweslife.com will enable employees to manage work hours, view payment history and future payments as well as a few news regarding Lowes employment. First choose the appropriate webpage for you, full-time or part-time, then you will be taken to the appropriate homepage. Across the top of the page you can locate the main navigation and search function, use the search function to find information about specific topics that interest you. It works just like any other search engine but search is only myLowesbenefits.com.


You will be able to find benefit plan details and rates along with other important information. The medical section for full-time employees is accompanied by a US state map where employees can quickly find which medical vendor services their area. There is also a rate section that makes it easy to find rates for all Lowes benefits.

If you are a new hire to Lowes, there is a webpage dedicated specifically to you to help you learn more about your benefit choices as well as eligibility and other information you may need to get started. This is located in the resource section and contains valuable information including how to enroll online for healthcare and to keep up-to-date with what’s new regarding Lowes employees. There’s also a frequently asked questions section that has expandable menus to help choose the topic you want to learn more about.

Once you have chosen and selected your choices then elects the benefits you wish to acquire you can go to the enroll now button after you have logged in to get started. Make sure to take advantage of all the benefits, resources and information that Lowes provides their employees on a daily basis through their online portal. Use both myloweslife.com and mylowesbenefits.com to help you accomplish everything you need to know as an employee of the Lowes franchise.