Luminara Dream Candles

Get a sophisticated look of real flame effect candles and scents that deliver everything you love about candles with safety and convenience at Find a wide variety of candles and products that are calming, approachable, seductive and sublime. The mood you want to set in your home or space is provided by Luminara.

With a smarter candle, you can add magic to any room. They dance, sway so convincingly and flicker that you have to see it to believe that it’s not a real candle. Only new Luminara candles are made from a patented Disney technology that is unrivaled by any other artificial candle, guaranteeing to bring magic to any room.


Luminara candles offer instant ambience to any space. Never has there been an easier way to create a mood in any situation. Using you can find the perfect candle, from a store location near you. Use the optional remote allowing you to turn a candle on or off from across the room, use the bills and self timer so that your luminara candles will greet you when you get home. Yes with the ability to automatically turn themselves on and off, you can set them to turn on at a specific time then have them turn off automatically five hours later.

Not only are luminara candles beautiful, but they are extremely safe. These candles can go safely were normal, conventional flame candles cannot. The safety features make Luminara candles perfect for homes with pets, kids and small spaces were soot my gather on the walls or ceilings. Use myLuminara to locate stores, find the best products available including indoor collections, outdoor collections and specialty collections provided by Life by Luminara.