MasterCard Card Benefits

Access MasterCard benefits and gain peace of mind through protection, assistance and savings using Benefits include extended warranty coverage, travel related coverages, car rental, coverage for loss and delayed luggage and much more. Easily check the status of your claim or file a claim to related purchases.

File and track your claim through As a mastercard member and cardholder the benefits allow you to view a list of required documents when filing a claim and upload required documents. You can also view a list of receive documents and access frequently asked questions to help determine the direction you need to go when filing your claim.


To file a claim you must provide your claim number that may be up to nine digits in length. US residents will also need to enter the ZIP Code related to the cardholder members location. If you need to file a claim and do not have the required information, refer to the documents that have been previously received.

mycardbenefits Extended Warranty Benefits

  • MasterCard worldwide extended warranty benefits will cover a wide array of purchases, but to get started you will need to provide:
  • Personal information
  • All information related to your purchase and includes the make, model, purchase price and where the item was purchased
  • Manufacturers original warranty information
  • Any other information that may support or assist you in filing your claim
  • Card number
  • Purchase date
  • Cardholder details
  • Incident details
  • Merchant details

This information must be completed accurately before you can review and submit a claim with MasterCard. If you need help or assistance in filing a claim call 1-800-MasterCard to get in touch with a customer representative who can help you on your claim. If you wish to reach a representative through email, send your email to [email protected]