MembersEdge Load Network

Access your DAT MembersEdge account by logging in through As a member, your receive excellent value at an affordable price as part of DAT’s extensive load board network. This provides carriers access to the trusted DAT network. This online portal gives you the ability to reach North America’s largest marketplace for freight loaders and trucks in the palm of your hand or at a desktop computer.

This network is the largest, but is also the most trusted marketplace with approximately 80 million loads and trucks each year. The largest network in the industry of load boards is run and trusted as a source of supply and demand trends, rate benchmarking, and capacity planning information. Sign into your account to gain access to all this and more.


MymembersEdge Load Board Packages

With three packages to choose from, get the edge by choosing the package that most suits you and your truck posting needs. The three packages available include:

  1. Enhanced
  2. Standard
  3. Post only

The enhanced plan is the only plan currently available that includes unlimited truck posting, load searching, alarm match notification, easy month-to-month billing, mileage and routing, weather and road conditions, broker days to pay score, broker credit profiles, phone posting and searching and broker spot market Lane rates. The standard and post only plans include less options and the price rate reflects that.

Depending on the plan you choose, members can post trucks for free and find the best loads fast with search tools. Anytime a match it is available that meets your needs, you will receive an alert notification. With easy month-to-month billing, there is no long-term contracts required. Easily optimize your route with mapping services while staying in touch with the latest forecast for both the United States and Canada.

Take full advantage of all the tools, resources and information available through their online services and mobile app. Quickly be linked to trucker friendly hotels, Walmart locations and truck stops with posted fuel prices.

Log into your My Members Edge account with a valid username and password. If you are experiencing difficulties logging in, you can reach customer support by calling the following phone number: 866-487-8253.