Meritain Health an Aetna Company

Login or register for your Maritain health account online at This is were healthy living and health integrated wellness begin. Maritain health is an independent subsidiary that are pure advocates for healthier living. Health employee benefits consist of plans of top quality, affordable healthcare that is easily accessible for employees to use.

Through the use of self-funded expertise and advice, get the help and support needed to keep employees living healthy and productive lives. View a wide variety of health tips that are relevant to the season, location and current news. Including tips on how to be well this summer, why allergy season has been more severe than ever, and tobacco and smoking help.


Use to gain access to products and services, locate health and wellness issues, use productive tools and resources and search regulatory compliance. Whether you are a member, employer, producer or provider you will locate all your Maritain health concerns.

You must register an account if you not currently have one. Click the register button located at the top right hand of the screen and select whether you are a member, provider, or producer. Next enter your group ID number. Members may set up a login for themselves as well as any minor child that may be covered by a Meritain health plan. If a spouse or child is over the age of 18 and covered by a plan, they must establish their own login to be able to access their individual information.

Once you have a verified Mymeritain account, you can login using your username and password. Log in from the homepage by selecting the login button located at the top right hand of the screen. If you have any issues logging in to your account, you can locate customer service by calling the toll-free number that is located on the back of your ID card. If you’re not a member, yet are a client or a broker you can contact your relationship manager for assistance.