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Browse the online experience that has been designed to increase accessibility and usability for all members and clients. Easiest way to use your online member account is to navigate by headings, searching webpages that have been structured so that each thought is set off with a heading. Take advantage of the screen reader’s ability to bounce from heading to heading in order to skim Merrill Lynch content.


To get the most out of your online experience make sure to not only navigate by headings but, read link titles, upgrade to the latest Adobe reader version and control font sizes. Once you understand the best way to navigate your online Merrill Lynch member account, you’re ready to either login or register. To enroll with the ability to get a comprehensive view of your Merrill Lynch account online, you must first provide requested information. To get started you will need to enter your account number with no dashes. Click continue to complete the process which will involve entering your personal contact information. Your personal information must be confirmed and verified before your account will be live.

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Representatives of Mymerrill are standing by 24/7 to help customers and clients any problems or issues they may need help solving. To reach the customer service line call 1-800-637-7455. Let a customer representative help you understand how dynamic forces are sweeping the globe and reshaping our lives create a new wave of opportunities. You will get a new personalized approach to banking and retirement, showing you the best way to achieve your financial goals.