Midland Mortgage Online

Manage your Midland Mortgage account by signing in or creating an account at mymidlandmortgage.com. Your member portal includes everything you need to manage your mortgage online. To sign in you will need your loan number and member password, if you are new user you can sign up to access your mortgage online.

Key topics covered include help for homeowners facing hardships, getting help with disaster recovery and enrolling an automatic payments through their mortgage payment plan program. View your loan, edit your profile, assess property damage, get delinquency assistance among other help and download needed forms.


Sign up for a New Account

Creating a new user account takes just a few minutes, and then you will be able to access your mortgage online. If you’re new to mymidlandmortgage.com, you’ll need to provide required information to begin the sign up process. You’ll then be asked to create a password as well as provide some answers to security questions that can be used during future sessions should you need to recover any loss information. Midland mortgage online portal uses secure encryption technology to protect your information and to verify your identity.

  • Click the sign up button located on the homepage
  • Provide your loan number
  • Social Security number
  • ZIP Code of your property address
  • Click continue
  • Provide contact information as well as your password and answers to security questions to finish your account creation.

Mortgage Assistance Program

If you wish to apply for mortgage assistance program, you’ll need to qualify in order to get help to catch up on missed mortgage payments. Many homeowners have fallen behind yet the assistance program has helped through loan modifications that can lower your existing payment. Repayment plans can also help you catch up on late payments, and unemployment plans have been designed in a way that gives you time to get back on your feet after job loss. You can apply online, or download an application form that you can send in by mail or fax. If you need assistance applying for this program you can call 1-800-552-3000.

Always compare to make sure that you are getting the best possible mortgage services possible. Modern changes in how many business operate have forced like minded businesses to compete at a top level in order to stay relevant. Consider, for example, My NationStar Mortgage as a great comparison for how Midland stands up to the competition. NationStar provides a great member experience that is quick and easy to access along with great rates. MidlandMortgage does the same, and at this point ones loyalty or choice of lender can come down to web design, ease of navigation or online technical assistance. Make sure to make sure your mortgage company offers everything you seek when committing to such a long term investment.

Disaster Help

The disaster you recover assistance program helps with damage affected by severe weather or natural disasters. If your property is damaged you should contact your inshore to file a claim. You can also contact Midland mortgage to inform them about the damage to your property. If you’re having trouble paying your mortgage as a result of a disaster, or your loan is currently past due you should also contact Midland to learn about mortgage assistance options that have been developed by calling 1-800-552-3000.

Set up Automatic Payments

In order to set up payments to be drawn directly from your account automatically each month with mymidlandmortgage, you must be an active member. Once you are an active member you will then need to sign into your account in order to set up the payment program.