MPA Diet Support

Get help gaining control of your eating disorder or body dysmorphic disorder on With MPA you will be able to connect to a community of support to get the help that you need. From the homepage you will be able to view general announcements, community introductions, general discussions and more. Create a membership account today to join this supportive community.

On the homepage are a variety of different topics and discussions that you can join in on as well as different diets that you can view. After learning about these diets you can share your experience with these diets on the forum. There is also a section that talks about the physical aspects of your health, such as exercise, beauty, health, wellness, illness, and injury. There is also a special section for diffucult discussions such as those about self harm, coping with abuse, orthorexia, and for LGBTQ matters in general and how those issues may fit in with living a pro ana lifestyle.


More About the MyProAna Community

If you look under the support section on the homepage you will be able to see a few different areas related to this topic. These relate to mostly technical issues and questions or if you would like information on how to request for a new forum to be formed. Under this section you can also view the legal information about My Pro Ana.

There are a variety of different subheadings at the top of the page that you can use to navigate your way around the site. These include:

  • Forums
  • Members
  • Blogs
  • Gallery
  • Chat
  • Store
  • Raffles
  • Pages
  • Downloads
  • More

There are certainly a variety of different forums that you can visit, including:

  • The happy place
  • Games
  • The rant room
  • The watercooler
  • Media and art
  • Peer group conversations – organized by age or life period
  • Meetups
  • Competitions and challenges
  • Thinspirations
  • And more

If you have been suffering from anorexia, bulimia, BED, EDNOS or another recognized eating disorder, MPA is a place that you can turn to to connect with others that are experiencing the same things that you are and can understand how it feels to have an eating disorder. Many have been able to find the support that they need from MPA and you can too. Creating an account is free, simply use the green “Create an account” button in the upper right hand corner and get started filling in some personal information to verify your identity and you will be good to go.