My Card Place Program

Manage your money by logging in to view your account details on MCP is the central login page for all members that are currently using a program with i2c. I2c gives business owns the tools and support that they need to use highly differentiated plastic, virtual and mobile programs that work well with their business. Key features of i2c are their configurable platform, high reliability, extensive security, advanced digital framework, and industry leading engagement and loyalty to their clients.

Use to log in to view your account details with this global processing platform for prepaid, cards, mobile, etc. My Card Place is being used by many different companies around the world. If you have been instructed to visit a branch of MCP to access your account details and balance, please make sure that the page that you visit is a secure and legitimate page. This is usually indicated on your computer or mobile device by a green lock symbol in the address bar. If this green lock symbol does not appear or if a red open-lock symbol appears that means that the page you are on is not secure and you should not provide any personal information.  The following are legitimate pages and companies associated with My Card Place:


Bortgata –

If you have an online prepaid card with Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, you can use this page to log into your account and deposit your game winnings, fund your wagering accounts, make cash withdrawals, make bank to card transfers, and make card to bank transfers. Some of the benefits of having one of these cards is that there is no credit checks and you can use it to access cash at an ATM. Just enter yout User ID and Password into the spaces provided ito log in.

Achieve –

If you have a prepaid Visa Achieve card, you can use this page to check your balance, pay bills, view your recent transactions, set up text and email alerts, or print out a direct deposit form. If you would like to sign into your account all you have to do is enter your User ID and Password into the spaces provided on the login page and you will be good to go.

smiONE –

If you are an owner of an smiONE Visa Prepaid Card, you can use this page to access your card details and account in a quick, easy and secure manner. You can use your Visa Prepaid to pay for products and services safely in stores, pay more simply online, and get your tax refund faster than with a check. Just enter your login information in the area provided in order to sign in.

Golden Nugget –

If you have a prepaid card with the Golden Nugget Casino online gambling game center you can use this page to sign into your account to load or reload up to $70,000 every month with the VIP program. When you play online your winnings will instantly transfer to your Golden Nugget Prepaid card. You can also use the card to make purchases everywhere that Discover is accepted. This conveniently includes ATM withdrawals. To log in just fill in your User ID and Password into the proper area.

Banco do Brazil Americas –

If you are a member of the Banco do Brazil South America, you can use this page as a student to keep your profile up to date while you complete your studies. Enter your User ID and Password as well as your visual verification code to log into your account. If you are new and would like to register your online account, you will need to enter your card number in the box provided and hit the “Activate/Register” button to continue.


How long does it take for child support to go on smiONE card?

Once enrolled in the Texas Payment Card, your child support payments received by the Child Support Division will be loaded in 1-2 days onto your smiONE card.

Can you transfer money from smiONE card to bank account?

It allows money to be electronically transferred from the FSPC, the State of Missouri, or other payer you authorize to your smiONE Visa Prepaid Card account. ... The funds in your smiONE Visa Prepaid Card account are FDIC insured to at least 0,000 through The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC.

Can you overdraft smiONE card?

There are no account maintenance fees, and depending on which state you're in, you might get one free ATM withdrawal at approved ATMs each time a deposit posts to your account. There are also no overdraft fees, but it's nearly impossible to overdraft the SMIOne card anyway.

Can you withdraw money from child support card?

Yes and no. The card can be used to make signature-based purchases without a PIN. However, a PIN must be used for cash withdrawals at ATMs (there is a fee for ATM transactions). The cardholder chooses his or her own PIN by calling US Bank customer service after they receive their card.