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Remove unwanted body hair without the wax by ordering on You may be wondering, “What is sugaring?” Sugaring is an alternative way to remove your unwanted body hair. Similar to waxing, there are many different brands and flavors of hair removal sugars to choose from. Both of these methods pull out a lot of hairs in a single second, compared to using tweezers or similar methods that can only remove one or a few hairs at a time.

Sugaring is a safe alternative to waxing because it is not hot like wax is,  so it does not burn the skin. It also does not stick to the skin. This prevents skin irritation. There is also quite a noticeable difference in how the skin not only looks but also feels. This means that there is much less skin inflammation and less of a stinging sensation afterwards. By grabbing the hair at the follicle it enables the treatment to last longer and the skin to stay smoother. Learn more about the best sugar brand available on

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My Gold Sugar has many things to offer. From the product itself to information on sugaring to classes for salons and individuals, you can find it all on You can use the navigation menu to find your way around the different pages of information available.

If you are looking for information on the different types of sugars you can use the tab labeled “Five Types of Sugar” to get more information about this. If you have decided to try sugaring but have opted to not go to a salon but rather do it yourself at home you can use the tab labeled “First Time Sugaring at Home” to get information about this topic.

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Why is sugaring the best option compared to waxing? Here are a few reasons:

  • It’s more gentle on the skin
  • Causes less hair breakage
  • There are no chemicals or dyes involved
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Compostable
  • There is less down time afterwards
  • It loosen the hair before pulling it out
  • It is water soluble
  • Easy to remove from skin
  • There is little change of skin burning involved
  • It is known to be less painful
  • Longer results
  • Smoother skin