My Learning Plan Management

Log into your professional learning data management solution account which is the leading K-12 professional development management system at This web based tool designed to help school districts manage each and every aspect of in-district and out of district professional learning through a very thorough and comprehensive online system.

My Learning Plan provides award-winning products that can be used as a fully integrated solution to help schools improve student growth through effective management by key educator evaluation and professional learning. The enterprise solution provided through my learning plan was designed specifically to help educators practice forward by intuitively capturing, integrating and reporting all data about professional learning. This data includes educator evaluation and other related subjects from across multiple data analysis systems to serve the needs of pre-K through 12 grade stakeholders.


This program allows professional learning to shift the focus back to what matters. The professional development management system at provides the following:

  • Observation and appraisal system
  • Online learning platform
  • Course catalog and enrollment management
  • Authentic classroom videos
  • Evaluator training and certificate program

The key functions of this program allows teachers, observers and evaluators as well as administrators to share data appropriately and collaboratively across organizations to support student learning. The program makes it easy through cohesive exchanging and integrating data across multiple systems. The system is intuitive allowing users at all levels to access data from one dashboard. Not only is it efficient, empowering and secure it is also customizable. The program make sure to attend to specific federal, state and district requirements. The my learning plan deeply leverages the latest technology to offer a single platform plan that covers all bases.