My.Lifetouch Portrait ID

Lifetouch has been the leading photography company for professional school portraits and you can use their convenient website to access your child’s images. The lifetouch national school studios is there to capture your child’s smiling face from kindergarten through their high school graduation. To get started and have your own account with you will need to enter information found on your Picture Day flyer or proof sheet envelope.

Once you have located your flyer or proof sheet, you will need to enter your picture day ID or Portrait ID number under the heading “Get Started”. Then enter your child’s first name and hit submit. If your child hasn’t yet taken their school pictures and you need to know the scheduled date you can use this site to locate that information as well.


To create a new account with you will need to enter in some information under the subheading “New to Lifetouch.”  The information needed to create a personalized account is:

  • Your First Name
  • Your Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Password – minimum of 6 characters in length

Once you have created your account you can have access to all of the images of your child for print ordering. From here on out you will simply need to enter the email address associated with your account and password to view your images. You can use the site to answer any questions you might have about your Picture Day such as: What to expect, Photographer expertise, clothing and grooming suggestions, and many other FAQs. You can also contact the company Lifetouch directly through the contact page via email or you can send any requests or reorders to their mailing address located on the “contact us” page.