My Prepaid Center Account Access

Login or create a profile account as well as activate your prepaid Visa or MasterCard at You’ll be able to gain full access to all the features of my prepaid center when you create a profile. This includes creating and managing your personal profile information, opting in and managing your balance and transaction alerts as well as adding multiple cards to your account.

If you have not yet activated a prepaid credit card that requires activation, the first time you login it will automatically activate your card. You can choose to log into your account using your card number as well as the expiration date and clicking login or use your user ID name and designated password.


When using a prepaid card is important to keep track of your card balance, if the card is processed for more than is available balance it will be declined. It’s also important to know your cards limits, some cards are able to be used virtually anywhere while some are only accepted through a select group of merchants. On the back of the card there is a toll-free cardholder service number that you should keep track of in case your card is lost or stolen and always remember to choose credit instead of debit if you’re given the option.

If your prepaid card is ever lost or stolen, access the toll-free number located on the back the card and the first replacement is free, after which each replacement there will be a fee incurred. You can also use the card hold services number on the back of the card if you should incur a problem during the point of any purchase. There is a 30 day transaction summary that is available as well as your most recent transactions through your account at