My ULM at Monroe

Manage your campus accounts online by using Through this service, you will be able to create a single log in access to multiple systems – you’ll have one username and one password which will make it easier for you to remember your login details. Create a MyULM account today and get access to campus notifications, news feeds and other features. You’ll receive regular updates that will keep you in the know. Moreover, it will allow you to preview your email, view the ULM daily calendar or your own calendar.

You can also customize your MyULM interface to your liking – you can add or remove elements, subscribe to a new feed of manage your SPAM filter. More features and tools will be made available to enhance your experience through time and you will be informed about it. The purpose of this online service is to put ‘all in one place’; Banner, FlightPath, Moodle, campus email and more can be found here! All you’ll need is reliable internet connection to be able to take advantage of

How to Login to Your MyULM Account

If you already have an online account with MyULM, simply follow the indicated steps below to login:

  1. The login area can be found on the upper right corner of
  2. Enter your username and password to their respective fields and click on the button that says ‘Log in’ to access your account.
  3. If you encounter any problems during log in, click on the link that says ‘Need help?’ to get assistance.
  4. You can click on the ‘Help’ tab to access further instructions or call the ULM Help Desk at 318-342-3333. You may also send in your questions via email at [email protected]

There are many other online services similar to my Ulm and one of these is This is a web system that enables you to find important College notices, conduct business with Pima Community College, register and pay for classes, access email and announcements, check your progress toward a degree, view your personal schedule and find textbooks and many more. To get started with MyPima, you will need your student ID number (A-number) to activate your account. Simply go through the instructions provided on the portal to start enjoying the benefits offered by MyPima. For more information about this service, you may call 520-206-4800 or email [email protected]

Having an account with online services like MyULM and MyPima can make your life more convenient. If you still don’t have one, go ahead and experience the difference – check out the portals now!