MyCharge Power Solutions

Avoid seeing that dreadful ‘Empty Battery’ warning on your laptop or mobile phone by ordering your own reliable charger on If you’re a college student, you’ll surely appreciate My Charge’s product that lets you power up your MacBook’s battery in just a matter of 100 minutes. It’s handy and convenient – you’ll never have to suffer from having empty battery again. You can type in your notes and do your research online at anytime and anywhere without hassle.

From mycharge portal, you can order portable packs that already have built-in cords for both Apple and Android gadgets. If you get yourself one of these packs, you can leave your house cord-free. Aside from chargers, you can also shop for different devices such as iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, USB devices and more. You can look around the portal by using the subheadings and links provided to find a product that you like.


Log In to Your MyCharge Account for Easy Shopping

If you already have an account with My Charge, you can sign in through the portal by following these instructions:

  • Locate the link that says ‘My Account’ on the upper right corner of the homepage and use it to go to the right page.
  • Type in your email address and password to their respective fields.
  • Use the green ‘Sign In’ button to proceed to your account.

If you want to create an account today, use the green link that says ‘Sign Up’ so you can access the online registration form. Here, you are required to provide your name, email and password to complete the sign up procedure. Once you have an account, you can start shopping and enjoying the other benefits that the company has to offer.

If you need assistance, use the ‘Support’ link on the upper right hand corner to access the company’s Help Center. Here, you can find answers regarding common questions, manuals, product registration, warranty & returns, support ticket and more.