Florida County Payments

Make quick and secure payments at my Florida County for child support, traffic tickets and ordering official records through myfloridacounty.com. Fast, efficient and easy to use are the three most popular reasons to use this online portal to make payments.

Receive instant verification when your payment gets excepted through the Florida State dispersal unit. Payment options include the ability to use your credit card online. Streamlined payments can be set up when you create your own personal account. No need to wait in line at the courthouse to pay a ticket and even elect to take traffic school at the same time as making your payment. Search thousands of official records across Florida counties, all from your computer or mobile device. Use your account to purchase records through a streamlined payment system.


Key features of MyfloridaCounty

  • Pay child support
  • Pay traffic citations
  • Order official records

Child Support

When you use my Florida County to make payments concerning child support, you will receive instant verification that your payment was successfully submitted. Track your payments over time when using your credit card or debit card. Creating an account allows you to view previous payments and avoid the hassle of sending checks each month.

Forms of payment that are accepted for child support include the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover Card, debit cards are also accepted. If you do not have a credit or debit card, you can use an electronic check. Other forms of acceptable payments include AMSCOT, money gram or Western Union. Myfloridacounty.com meets all the requirements for payment card industry data security standards, therefore making payments online is safe and secure.

To make a payment you will need your court ordered case number and a valid form of payment as mentioned above. Once you have made payment, your receive a confirmation email or you can view your payment history to your account. Creating an account is not mandatory to make a payment, but provides ease-of-use and convenience. If you have any questions or concerns regarding making a child support payment, visit the frequently asked questions page or send a direct message using the contact page.

Traffic Tickets and Citations

Skip the courthouse and pay your traffic tickets directly online. This payment method is securing can be done with a credit card or debit card. After making payment, you can elect to attend a traffic school immediately. Search for a traffic school in your area, and receive confirmation that your payment was successful.

To make a payment you will need your citation number, or drivers license number as well as a valid form of payment. A confirmation email will be sent to you to verify that your payment was successful, which may be printed out for your records. During the payment process, you’ll be prompted to choose whether you would like to attend or decline traffic school. Any further questions regarding payments or traffic school can be directed to the frequently asked questions page or by sending a direct email to the contact page.

Order Official Records

You can search thousands of official records across counties all through your online membership portal. If you order records frequently, create your own account streamlined checkout. Payments are secure and can be done from the convenience of your home, no need to waste time waiting in line at the courthouse.

To search records, you will need a document number or browse records by County, person’s name etc. many documents that are offered are available for download, however some will have to be ordered and you will receive them by mail within 3 to 5 business days. The records you find online are the exact same records that would be found in the courthouse however, additional records may be available primarily at the courthouse. You do not have to have an account for this process, however your own account will speed up the payment process. Further questions and concerns can be addressed using the FAQ page or direct emails can be sent for specific questions through the contact page.

Sign up to Subscribe to MyFloridaCounty.com

Citizens who subscribe gain unlimited access to all services offered by my Florida County. Discounted service fees are also available! To complete the subscription application you will need the following:

  • Subscribers account number
  • Mailing address
  • Billing address
  • Username assignments
  • Billing options
  • Authorized signature

Complete the form and mail to:

PO Box 16428, Tallahassee, FL 32317

For any questions regarding the application form, call 877-326-8689