myPers Air Force Personnel System

Access your online account with Air Force Personnel Center by using Air Force Personnel Center or AFPC makes sure commanders around the world are given the right number of skilled Air Force personnel to conduct missions. The group handles all related programs that cover the entire life cycle of military and civilian personnel for the Air Force. AFPC manages all their files – from accession to development and deployment.

AFPC currently has over 2,500 Air Force military, civilian and contractor personnel. The center has a diverse workforce that consists of 5 subordinate units. The whole team is responsible for all worldwide operations for 1.77 million Airmen, retirees and family members. If you have an account, it would be easier for you to get more information about the center. You may also visit for more details.


How to Access and Log In to MyPers Online Portal

  1. Locate the login area on the page and enter your user ID and password accordingly.
  2. Use the ‘Log In’ button to proceed to your account.
  3. If you experience any problem logging in, use the ‘Can’t access your account’ link to get immediate help.
  4. For further assistance, please get in touch with AFPC by using the email form provided on the portal. You may also write your own email and send it to [email protected]. To speak with a representative, call 800-525-0102 (toll free) or 665-5000(DSN).

How to Create an Account

If you don’t have a My Pers online account yet, you may create one by referring to the following steps:

  1. Look for the link that says ‘Create Account’ and use it to get to the proper page.
  2. Next, you are required to identify yourself. Type in the required information to their corresponding fields and use the ‘Continue’ button to proceed.
  3. Set up your user ID, password, security question and more on the next page. Remember, your password must at least be 15 characters in length and contain at least one uppercase letter, number or special character. Your PIN must be 6 to 8 digits and you have to set up 5 security questions and corresponding answers.

From the portal, you may also use the calculator tool provided to get an estimate of your retirement pay, your SBP premium and annuity payable. To contact the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, please call 800-321-1080. For military record related concerns, please use this number: 314-801-0800.


What is myPers Air Force?

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas (AFNS) -- myPers, the Air Force official online source for personnel policy, information and day-to-day transactions, empowers civilian employees to manage their careers. ... EBIS is the 'go to' application for civilian benefit transactions, and information.

How do I contact AFPC?

Please contact the Total Force Service Center at DSN 665-0102, Commercial at 210-565-0102, or Toll Free at 1-800-525-0102 for assistance. You'll need to follow the prompts to get to the appropriate personnel specialist.

How soon can you retire from the Air Force?

Airmen are eligible to retire after 20 years of service with the Air Force and begin receiving benefits the day they retire—no matter their age.

What is a CMS case in the Air Force?

CMS is a case management system used for entering, tracking, resolving and reporting on pay and personnel related cases within the United States Air Force. ... Finally, the embedded reporting system, using a central database, can be used to monitor trends in all types of pay and personnel cases.