MyPurium Transformation Plan

Pick the right health and weight-loss plan for you on There are three different plans that you can choose from. You are free to choose the best plan according to your health and fitness needs. From the homepage you can view the full catalog of products or browse through plans such as Daily Core3, 10 Day Transformation, and 10 Day Athlete Plan.

Learn more about the way that Purium is leading the way with sustainable packaging on Keep in mind that after purchasing a plan, if you are at any time dissatisfied with any of your Purium Product for any reason at all, you can return the unused portion of the product for a full refund with absolutely no questions asked. You can get more information about this under the 60 day guarantee section.


More About MyPurium

There are a few popular plans towards the bottom of the screen that you can browse from. One of the most popular plans is the Daily Core3 plan. The Daily Core3 plan works best for busy mothers, students, executives and anyone who needs a little help making proper nutrition into their hectic schedule. This is what you need to do: start very small. All you need to do is keep on with your normal routine and make some simple shifts in your daily routine in order to integrate the Core3 products into your routine.

Just grab 5 Aminos off your night stand as soon as you wake up in the morning then prepare your shaker bottle while you’re on your way out of the door so that you can mix your mid-day power shake while your going through your busy schedule. By using this program you can expect to feel more energized, have a better digestive system, enjoy deeper sleep and have increased mental clarity. This is one of the easiest ways you can possibly get your high-quality protein, fruits and vegetables into your body. If you stay consistent with the regimen the benefits will pile on over time and you will become happier and happier with your body.

What is contained in this system? You will be happy to know that the Daily Core3 system.  includes all that you need including Super Amino 23, Apothe-Cherry, and Power Shake. Follow the set schedule and you’ll be feeling a lot better in no time at all.

If you have any questions or concerns you can use the following phone number for more information: 888-747-6733. 


Is Purium a pyramid scheme?

Purium is a multi-level marketing company founded by Dave Sandoval — it was originally known as Organic by Nature — that sells products related to health and diet. Purium Health believes in a holistic approach to life, with many of its products adhering to the principles of Naturopathy.

What is Purium?

"The Purium Diet is a very-low-calorie 10-day plan which promises quick weight loss. It consists of just 600 calories a day, which experts warn is not healthy or sustainable.

Is Purium organic?

Pure + Premium Products 100 years ago, all food was organic. ... Today, real food has been replaced by corporate-produced fast, cheap, addictive, processed food-like stuff. Purium goes back to the original purity standards.

What is Purium smart order?

Smart Order. Keep your nutrition goals consistent with Smart Order. - a monthly delivery of your products.