MyStatLab by Pearson

Access your online account with StatLab by using If you’ve already registered, you can use your Pearson account details to sign in. Locate the button that’s marked as ‘Sign In’ to access the login page and type in your details there accordingly. In the event that you forget your username and/or password, use the appropriate link to get help right away.

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How to Get Started on MyStatLab

To get access to the portal, you need to create a My StatLab online account first. You can register as a student or as an educator. For example, you want to create an educator’s account, begin with using the ‘Educator’ button found under the ‘Register Now’ area. As a section instructor, you will be required to provide a course ID and an access code. You also need to indicate whether you:

  • Need to create or copy courses
  • Need to enroll in a course created by another instructor

If you choose the first option, you will be asked to accept the company’s license agreement and privacy policy in order to continue. You have three registration steps (access information, account information and confirmation & summary) to complete before you can enjoy the benefits of having an educator’s online account.

If you need assistance, use the link that says ‘Help’ on the upper right corner of the registration form. You can also use the ‘Question Mark’ icon for your convenience. If you need technical help, contact customer technical support by using the appropriate link.