MyUCF Guest Portal

Access the myUCF portal for a personalized gateway to information and applications from a secure and centralized location using The new mobile service has additional student self-service functionality at

Engage in a wide variety of services that the University of Central Florida offers using the campus map, campus directory, and the technology and products center. Search for courses and classes, review and browse the course catalog and find myucf webcourses. Important announcements are made visible to my UCF portal members regarding when classes begin, the drop and swap deadline, payment deadlines, withdrawal deadlines and when classes are not scheduled because of holidays or study days.


MyUCF Login

To access the online member portal, click the sign on button located at the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

In order to gain access to your account, you must have your network ID number and password. If you do not have your NID, you can retrieve it with the use of your first name, last name and email address.

My UCF Mobile Functionality

Available features for the mobile website that can be used on the go with a smart device, tablet or phone includes the following features:

  • About me
  • Holds and to do list
  • Housing status
  • Class search
  • Enrollment
  • My academics
  • My finances

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding MyUCF mobile you can contact the service desk by calling 407-823-5117 or send a direct email to [email protected].

Additional resources are available and include the following:

  • Academic calendar. This will let you know what you need to do and when you need to do it.
  • Admissions. If you wish to be part of University of Central Florida, apply today!
  • Exam schedule. This ensures that you won’t be late for your next exam.
  • Financial aid. Everything regarding financial aid and what you need to know can be found here.
  • Housing. Do you want to live the UCF experience?
  • Human resources. This includes benefits information as well as jobs with UCF and amazing education and working environment.
  • Information security. Keep yourself and information secure, by playing a role in protecting your information.
  • Library. The library system includes five floors of books as well as computers, assistance and more.
  • Orientation. Get your feet wet and be introduced to your new transition to UCF.
  • Student account services. This covers tuition, fees, 1098T, FL prepaid, refunds, waivers and much more.
  • UCF apps. This includes all the software that you may need at any time, anywhere while on the go with your device.

Further help is provided through the service desk home, or the chat system that is available for your computer. You can contact online support for any technical support needed for online courses, to rate my professor and ask any other questions you may have and find the answers. If at any point you have lost your password, you can also request a password reset so that you can login to your my UCF online account.