MyVistar Retail Vending

Access your online Vistar account by using Just type in your email and password to their respective fields on the upper right corner of the portal and use the ‘Login’ button to continue. In case you forget your password, you can get assistance by using the proper link. Once you are signed in to your account, you can enjoy the many services offered by the company for free. You can place your order, create order guides, search for new items and more.

Vistar is a popular source for candy, snacks, beverage, and non-food products for hotels, retail stores, vending and other concession businesses. The company is a full-line distributor that handles everything for business owners like you – from taking orders to delivering your products on time. To get more details about the services offered by the company, log in to your account on or create one today.


How to Create an Account on MyVistar Portal

  1. Look for the link that says ‘Register’ on the upper right corner of the page and use it to get to the proper page.
  2. To begin your registration, type in the required information on their respective fields. You need to provide your company name, email address, password, first & last name, address line 1, city, state, work phone and more.
  3. When you’re done, use the ‘Submit’ button to complete the process.

If you want more information, you can get in touch with the company by using the ‘Contact Vistar’ link on the upper right corner of the page. Here, you can search for a distributor near you. For further assistance, use the ‘Help’ link instead. Here, you can access My Vistar user’s manual and watch helpful videos like how to place your order or create custom order guides.

If you are following up on your order, please get in touch with your customer service representative at your Vistar division. For issues regarding the company’s website, you may call help desk at 1-800-880-9900 ext. 1.