NationStarMTG Account Access

Sign into the Nationstar Mortgage customer service center to manage your account at The customer service center is full of resources along with a help center that gives homeowner assistance and provides answers to many frequently asked questions dealing with refinancing, loans and more.

Managing your account includes payment options and information as well as the ability to make payments. You can view your statement and go over your account summary 24 hours a day seven days a week online. Escrow information as well as tax and insurance information are also available through your nation star mortgage account.


Some resources available to new customers and those considering refinancing include making home affordable programs, options that will help avoid foreclosure with new start solutions, in-depth homeowner resources and home affordable foreclosure alternatives. With such a large list of resources and answers to many questions, nation star will help you decide whether refinancing is the right decision for you.

Whats important to you when looking for a lender, checking account, credit cards or a quick loan? Dig deep and make sure that your lending company is more than just a “Bank” and has your best interest at heart. Many credit unions and lending companies are in big competition with each other in an effort to win your business. Sometimes rates are so competitive that it is important to look past the surface and really dig into what is offered as a whole. As a great way of showing this, lets consider Prospera Credit Union. As a lender offering home loans, credit cards and personal loans, Prospera also prides itself in showing true interest in its members and family. In hopes to give you a means to living the life you want, and freedom from worry, the staff is their to help guide members to financial prosperity. A very user friendly member portal is available through and allows members to make payments, view history and much more. Please read our article on teh overview of the credit union for a complete overview of MyProspera for member login and how you can benefit if you are a member.

With mortgage rates closing in on your historic close, this may be one of the better times to consider refinancing. No one knows your mortgage better the nation star mortgage, so let them help set you up with a loan that is best for you and your home situation.

Log into your account using your username and designated password in the required boxes in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Click on the maroon button titled “sign in”to gain access to your account.