NetGear Powerline or Wifi Extender

Set up and install your Netgear universal Wi-Fi range extender or Netgear Powerline using The Wi-Fi extender will connect to your existing router or access point, then will create a brand-new Wi-Fi network that will extend to cover any dead spots you may be experiencing in your home.

In order for the range extender to work, an existing and working Wi-Fi network and router must currently be successfully installed. The Netgear Wi-Fi range extender is a great way to expand the reaches of your Wi-Fi devices through your home or business. When correctly installed, you will notice the expansion of availability to all mobile devices, laptops and computers that may use Wi-Fi on your network.


When you have established a wireless connection showing that the extender is established, notice that the PC to extender LED symbol will turn green. At this point you need to open a web browser window from this the same computer or mobile device which should then directly take you to the Netgear Genie smart set up. If you are not taken directly to this set up page, you will need to visit or You can also type in the direct IP address of 192.16 8.1 .250.

Make sure you are connected to your extender when following the next steps:

  • Use the Wi-Fi network manager located on your mobile device, then locate and connect the Netgear_EXT (SSID) Wi-Fi network
    (if you’re using a Windows PC, choose the Wi-Fi button and select your network)
    (using an iPad, open your settings, choose Wi-Fi and then select your network)
  • Next launch a web browser
  • Enter in the address field of the browser
  • The setup page of the extender should display

If you are having any problems connecting or need further instructions, make sure to visit the support page for powerline devices or for the Wi-Fi extender you have purchased. You can contact Netgear customer service by dialing 888-638-4327. The cells phone number is 408-907-8000